Climate Change Adaptation in Spain: When a Plan is not Enough

The importance of climate change adaptation

“We have reached a point in which reducing carbon emissions is no longer enough to reduce the effects of climate change.

The image shows hundreds of cars pilled up covered with water due to the floods in 2019
Source: El Mundo, “La Dana devastates the Southeast: hundreds of evacuees, destruction and floods in Murcia, Valencia and Alicante”, September 2019. Available from:

Floods as the most damaging hazard in Spain

Bubble graph with damages for each of the floods that happened in Spain from 1970 until 2019
Note: Self-produced based on the EM-DAT database

“One of the most damaging flood event happened recently and more are expected to come if adaptation is left unaddressed.

Flood adaptation and climate change adaptation plans

“There is low awareness of climate change adaptation at lower levels of decision making.

Main flaws from the adaptation plans

“The Second Climate Change Adaptation Plan needs to be more transparent, with more concrete and measurable indicators.




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Adaptating for the Future

My name is Cristina Bernal Aparicio and I write to raise awareness and share knowledge on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.