Key Determinants for a Resilient Development

Source: UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji, Climate-resilient development: the future of financing in the Pacific (2019). Available at:

“Resilience is vital to move forward into sustainable and inclusive development.

Data sources and variables for the statistical models

  • Economic readiness: Captures the ability of a country’s business environment to accept investment that could be applied to adaptation that reduces vulnerability (reduces sensitivity and improves adaptive capacity).
  • Social readiness: Captures the factors such as social inequality, ICT infrastructure, education and innovation that enhance investment mobility and promote adaptation actions.
  • Governance readiness: Captures the institutional factors that enhance the application of investment for adaptation.
  • Number of deaths
  • Houses destroyed
  • Houses damaged

Statistical models

Relationships between indicators and climate change adaptation: Panel data analysis

1. Model 1: When Y is houses destroyed

2. Model 2: When Y is houses destroyed

3. Model 3: When Y is deaths

What do these models tell us?

Norwegian government — Norway ranks the first country in the ND-GAIN, having high governance readiness. Source:


“Despite one cannot change exposure to disasters, since it is primarily a geographical component, the change must come from governance.



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Adaptating for the Future

Adaptating for the Future

My name is Cristina Bernal Aparicio and I write to raise awareness and share knowledge on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.