The Past, the Future, the Now: Floods and the Need to be Adapted

“Sea-level rise is not the only threat, and many capital cities may be exposed in the near future if adaptation is not taking place.

Flood risk in Europe: The past and the future

“Spain stands out as the most affected European country by severe disruptions due to floods from 1980–2013, despite not being the wettest country in the continent.

“The less elevation of the land and the more population density in coastal areas and floodplains, the more probability of damage.


“Those countries that were struggling with less frequent and less intense storms will see more damaging disruptions in the coming future if nothing is changed.



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Adaptating for the Future

Adaptating for the Future

My name is Cristina Bernal Aparicio and I write to raise awareness and share knowledge on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.